15,000 Feet – Chapter I

Holiday silence. On the deserted road, bordered only by parked cars. An
unnatural, suspended time… of interrupted traffic. Blue sirens turned off. With two police cars blocking the road.
Then sounds and voices. Getting nearer. Fast, constant and rhythmic.

The mood changes. Filled with colors, almost a relief the broken silence. Cell phone.

“Hi Fefé… Did you watch it last night? The serial? No? And the One
Direction’s clip? Nothing? Shit, Fefé, but where do you live… Always and forever in the web? I was looking for the Awkard’s clip… The last one out! No, it’s not updated… Or else I couldn’t find it… Could you try to? Oh, then I’ve got it!

No, no… I won’t hold my breath… But if it’s there, I’ve got it, if you give it a try!”

Party sounds. Voices, music and feet on the tarmac. So many! Turbans, hats, scarves. Like colored eyes. Among the trees. “Fefé, I can’t hear you, speak louder… There’s a demonstration… Who knows? Indians… What do I know… I don’t know what they are up to… I’ll take a picture of them… So you can put it in your blog. Kiss, kiss!”
Hand of Giulia on the Usb. Camera that unplugs from the pc. Giulia’s agile and quick fingers on the buttons. Of the Camera. Menu, settings, image quality:
High. Aperture and speed: Automatic. Mode: Scenery/Daytime.

Frame, focus, click.