15,000 Feet – Chapter III

Debby’s moped runs wildly through the streets. She doesn’t know where to go,
nor whom to call. Giulia would say “No”. That’s for sure. But Debby waits. Before
calling. Because she is afraid of “No’s”. So categorical. And hostile! Better “let’s
see,” “let me think,” “I don’t know.”
She makes a right turn and reasons.
And if the mother doesn’t want you? Oh stop it… They know you are a friend. And what
would they care? You go to her room. Giulia’s. And in her bed. Her comfortable  bed will be
okay for two. Come on, Giulia won’t say “No”!
Via Ostiense. The moped double parks. Hand that plunges. A cell phone
emerges from the jacket. The display says five calls.
Fuck, mom… what a pain in the arse! You know… that I won’t answer… and won’t call
Phone numbers, number, enter. Rings.
Come on, Giulia, answer.
More rings. A light in Debby’s head. A beam of light. Now she remembers.
Giulia is at the concert! And here I am on the street… 9.40… Only twenty minutes to the
new nominations.
The cell phone rings.
It’s mom. Refuse the call! Balestra, Carmeli, Goretti… Debby’s head quickly runs
through the roll call at school. There must be someone, I can call. There’s Fefè. Of
course! And he has a big house. Invaded by friends. His brother’s. And his parents are
never home. It would really be rotten luck if he wasn’t home!
Cars dashing by. Close to Debby with her cell phone.
Come on Fefè!
Fefè’s hand on the cell phone. “Debby!” Music and noise overwhelming it. “Hi
Fefé, I wanted to ask you…” “Speak louder… Where are you? On the street?”
Debby doesn’t know what to say, caught unprepared. Quick, change subject!
“Shall I pass by? See the nominations together?” “Come on over! It’s a mess
here. My brother is having a party. He flunked chemistry again.”

“And he’s partying over it?! “That way he can put off the dissertation… He says
he’s doing because there’s no work! But where are you?”
“At Ostiense” “Gosh, hurry then! You’ll miss the nominations…” Debby hangs
up. The heck with tuna and tomatoes. Your mother’s mask of pretended serenity. Not to
worry you with problems, she says. Which she throws at you at the first fit.



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